Enhance your flashcards learning with
videos that you would enjoy.

Imagine the two best methods to learn a new language : 

  • Anki and Flashcards

    Most efficient and intelligent method to learn a new language.

    Used worldwide by researchers and language enthusiasts.

  • Learning by watching videos

    Fun, comprehend the words with full context and tone.

    So you can speak like a local !

  • Imagine the best of both methods.

    Odyssée is here : 

    • Immerse into French Language with videos

    • Get instant-translation of subtitles

    • Compatible with all Netflix and Youtube

    • Add new words from subtitles to flashcards deck
    • Review them directly inside our beautiful app

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the main difference between you and Anki ?
Anki and Odyssée are both Flashcards reviewer app. 
We're big fans of Anki, so much that we're trying to make an upgraded and better version of it. 

Odyssée is as powerful but more user-friendly.
You don't have to search for a perfect deck, or tweaks settings.
Everything is ready to learn.

Moreover, we've integrated Netflix and Youtube videos.
So, you can watch videos in French, and add words from subtitles to your Odyssée deck in one click.
You can, then, review them directly into our app.
Do I need Anki to use Odyssée ?
No, you don't !
Odyssée has already a Flashcards system built-in.
You don't have to use Anki at all.

We have +15.000 flashcards included so you don't have to get an Anki deck neither.
Odyssée is made to be simple to start so you can focus on learning and not set up the app.
How the integration with Netflix and Youtube work ?
Netflix and Youtube are integrated inside our app.
It's the only way so you can use the instant-translation and subtitles-to-deck features.
You have access by search to ALL videos and shows available as usual.
Of course, if you want Netflix, you need an account though.
Is the instant translation feature works with ALL Youtube and Netflix videos ?
Even my favourite shows or content creators ?
Yes, Odyssée features like instant translation and subtitles-to-deck features work on all videos !
We use the subtitles provided by them, so it's compatible with all videos and shows.
What languages are available for now ?
For now, only French is available on Odyssée.
We plan to launch more languages in the near future, like Spanish, Chinese, Japanese and more ! 
Is there a desktop version ?
Yes a desktop version is available, however it's only in alpha.
We're still perfecting it, but you can use it.
Is there an Android version ?
No, only iOS is available for now.
But we're planning an Android version in the future !
What proficiency in French is it recommended to use Odyssée ?
Like Anki, Flashcards reviewer is perfect to learn and remember new words.
However you still have to learn the basic grammar and conjugation as well.

So, we recommend to at least have the basic, similar to what Anki advise. 
If you use Anki or are planning to, Odyssée is perfect for you.
Is this Odyssée free ?
The app has a free trial during the beta.
You have the time to try without commitment.

If you like our app, we have a premium plan as well.
All features are availables during the free trial.
Such as instant-translation, subtitles-to-deck, cards reviewer, stats etc